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While more states are legalizing cannabis use, this doesn’t mean that businesses can open overnight. In fact, there are numerous strict regulations that all cannabis-related businesses, from growers to dispensaries, need to adhere to, including obtaining proper licensing. As a consumer, it used to be a hassle to find out licensing information. Now, you can stay informed with a Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) license search. 

Why Do Cannabis Businesses Need a License?

Most businesses are subject to licensing, registration, and permits to operate legally. They’re essential for ensuring public safety, tax adherence, and more. The cannabis industry is no exception.

The cannabis industry is even more highly regulated than other businesses. As such, obtaining the proper registration, permits, and licensing can be more of a challenge, and there are lots of rules and regulations they must comply with. These rules and regulations aren’t arbitrary. Not only are they required for government compliance and licensing, but these strict standards also provide you, the consumer, with the assurance that you’re buying safe, high-quality products.  

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Consequences of Operating without a License

Operating without the proper cannabis license can present some significant issues for a business down the line including fines, business closures, or even criminal charges, in some cases. In addition to  being properly licensed themselves, dispensaries must also ensure that their suppliers and partners are also legal and operating above-board. For instance, a licensed dispensary needs to obtain products from a licensed cultivator. If the dispensary is licensed but the cultivator is not, even the dispensary could face temporary suspension and/or significant fines

What Businesses Need a License?

All businesses within the cannabis industry require proper licensing to stay compliant and operate legally within its designated state. Businesses are regulated based on a variety of factors, including their business category. For instance, cultivators require a vigorous site review and must show proven knowledge of horticulture and farming practices. Edibles manufacturers may need to operate in a commercial kitchen and produce their cannabis-infused butters and oils on site. Some states even require that employees be licensed to work for a cannabis-related business. 

How the BCC License Search Can Help You Stay Informed

For consumers, buying cannabis products from a licensed dispensary is essential for ensuring safety. The BCC recently announced an informational program “get #weedwise.” The program encourages consumers to only purchase products from licensed businesses. But, unless you ask, how do you know if a business has the necessary licenses to operate legally?

California has three licensing agencies. Instead of having to contact them individually, consumers can now find the information easily online using the BCC license search. You can search either by license information or business location. When you visit the BCC license search site, enter the requested information and confirm that you aren’t a robot. After selecting “search,” the site generates a list of licensees that you can view. You can also download a CSV file. With the information on hand, you can shop and consume safely. 

As a cannabis consumer, you want to ensure that you’re getting quality products. One of the best ways to do that is to purchase products from companies with the proper licensing. Licensing lets you know that the business adheres to the state’s regulations. A simple BCC license search provides you with the information that you need to know. Buzz Delivery is proud to be compliant and ready to serve your cannabis needs.