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Why is smoking cannabis so satisfying? Let’s get the obvious out of the way: the euphoria, of course! But the psychotropic “high” is just the first reason why it’s so enjoyable to smoke cannabis.

The cannabis plant is filled with natural chemical compounds that work together and also separately in unique and effective ways to support and relax the body and mind in ways you can feel.

Plus, the rituals and social traditions that are associated with smoking also elicit plenty of feel-good endorphins. Smoking cannabis is an activity that is extremely satisfying for many reasons.

Anxiety Relief

Take a deep breath and exhale. It’s the first step to relaxing, and it’s just the beginning of anxiety relief from smoking cannabis. Two of the chemicals in cannabis are CBD and THC, and these cannabinoids are able to support a body’s endocannabinoid system in a way science is just starting to understand.

Studies show that cannabis has great promise in helping people manage their emotions and hormone levels, as well as general mental stability. That’s just one reason why it makes you feel so good.

smoking joints

Pain Management

Those same cannabinoids, along with other compounds in the cannabis plant, are also responsible for managing pain. For people struggling with chronic pain as a result of disease or trauma, smoking cannabis can be a big help.

This same endocannabinoid system, which supports the endocrine system, also plays a role in insomnia, weight management, and other bodily functions. Supporting the body to work efficiently and in health is extremely satisfying.

Laughing More

How many cannabis-themed hilariously funny movies have you seen? Stoner movies quickly become cult classics for good reasons. People who enjoy cannabis can have a lighter, quirkier way of looking at the world that brings on the giggles.

What’s more is science: Studies show that smoking cannabis stimulates blood flow to the brain, and particularly in the right frontal and left temporal lobes that are associated with laughter. Combined with the other physiological effects, the smiles are simply satisfying.

Treat for the Senses

When you smoke cannabis, you should be also enjoying the fragrant aromas and tastes that come from different strains. These plants contain flavonoids, a compound responsible for tastes, and terpenes, which determine smell.

Terpenes are the reason why some cannabis smells like stinky cheese and other strains smell like sweet lemon. If a strain tastes sweet or especially herby, that’s due to the flavonoids.

Much like a wine tasting experience, there’s something intellectually satisfying about becoming a connoisseur of cannabis.

Sharing with Others

Finally, you may not be alone when you smoke cannabis. Whether you’re rolling joints, packing cones, or filling glassware with your cannabis flower, it’s the kind of activity that is often shared with your friends and family.

Furthermore, smoking a ceremonial pipe, called a “peace-pipe” by Europeans, has been a powerful communal experience for centuries among native peoples in America and throughout the world. Surely people must be satisfied with the ritual of smoking cannabis to be doing it for so long.