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Whether you’re new to vaping cannabis or not, a trip to the dispensary can have you feeling completely overwhelmed. The enormous selection of cannabis vape cartridges can be intimidating. Not only are there differences in hardware to consider, but the consumer’s main concern is also with the contents of the cartridge. 

Lab Tested and Compliant Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Initially, the most important thing to get straight about vaping cannabis is that the contents of the vape cartridge have been lab-tested and are compliant with state requirements.

Since the recent wave of unexplained vaping illnesses, many legitimate brands have added an extra label to the cartridge with the CA legal cannabis symbol. While others are rethinking their packaging altogether. Moreover, smart consumers make sure that the product is packaged properly with fully compliant labeling. One way to be certain that your product has passed state lab tests is to shop licensed dispensary or cannabis delivery services.

The Fact about Extract

After making sure the vape cartridge is legal, the next thing you’ll want to consider is how it was made. Some cannabis concentrates (extracts that fill the vape cartridge) are made with solvents. These can be harmful when heated and inhaled. This process should be avoided in favor of the cleaner Co2 extraction process. Co2 extraction enables the cannabinoids to be isolated from the rest of the plant material to end up a finely tuned vape ready formulation. 

  •  Cannabis Vape Cartridges Tip: Ask for a Co2 extracted cartridge

Even though the Co2 process is routinely employed by many top cannabis brands, the resulting cannabis concentrate is often very different from brand to brand. Cannabis oil vape cartridges can vary greatly in consistency, color, and experience depending on the raw plant material.

There is definitely a quality standard that some brands achieve in which their concentrate is the right color, flows well, and offers up an unparalleled experience. 

  • Cannabis Vape Cartridges Tip: Ask for  full spectrum or live resin cartridges

vape cartridgesStandard vs. Pod Style Cartridges

Standard cartridges have a 510 thread on one end that attaches to any universal battery. Most brands use these to market their cannabis oil. The benefit of a standard vape cart is variety. No matter where you are in a legal marijuana state, you’ll be able to find a cannabis product to meet your needs. 

In addition, consumers have the option of going with a pod-style vape cartridge. Pods are designed to be used with their own branded devices. Think PAX ERA and STIIIZY. These provide an experience that is equally about the hardware as it is about cannabis oil. Pod devices are controlled by Apps and have safety features and temperature controls. Many top brands have embraced pods so variety isn’t a problem if you go that direction.

Cutting to the Chase

Vaping cannabis is one of the most efficient ways to experience its benefits. Similar to smoking, the heated cannabinoids enter the bloodstream when inhaled. Vaping has gained popularity as a healthier alternative to smoking but some concerns still linger. This drives the need for transparency in the cannabis industry to produce safer cannabis vape cartridges. Buzz Delivery sells lab tested and certified compliant cannabis oil vape cartridges. Select from a variety of top-quality brands.

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