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Contactless Payment With Buzz Delivery

Pay With Paytender

Paytender is the safest, zero fee way to pay for your cannabis right from your mobile device. Paying for cannabis digitally has never been easier.

How To Use Paytender

Step by step

Pay Ahead Option

  1. After your order is submitted, a request for payment link will be sent to you by text message
  2. Enter in your personal details and create your Paytender account if you have not yet done so
  3. Add your preferred payment source
  4. You can now Pay Ahead before your delivery arrives

QR Code Option

  1. Pay in person by logging into your Paytender account
  2. Access your QR code
  3. Our delivery personnel with scan the QR code presented
  4. Click “Accept” to finalize payment to complete your transaction

Pay Ahead Via SMS Link

You can receive a text after your order has been submitted which will have a link to prepay with Paytender. Complete the payment for the transaction before your delivery arrives using the link in the text message

Pay Instantly At The Time Of Delivery

Once you have signed up on Paytender, and have successfully linked your bank account, show the driver your “QR code” and the payment will be processed through your mobile device.
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